Our History:

In November 2015, three brothers discovered a distinct fascination with coconut oil. With a keen interest in entrepreneurship and a desire to provide high-quality products to the local market in Trinidad and Tobago, they began researching the industry globally. Encouraged by the results, the pair began pursuing feasible options to truly bring this vision to life.

The criteria was simple but demanding; a quality driven, reliable partner that could provide customers with exceptional Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil. After scanning many potential candidates, a supplier was found and a relationship sprung into being where their dream product emerged.

The name Coconuts of the Caribbean (COTC) was chosen to position their brand as a homegrown product of the Caribbean, for the Caribbean and the world at large. Now, with a structure established, the two brothers continued their journey to cement themselves as a significant leader in the coconut oil industry.

This was no easy task. Many hurdles were experienced along the way. However, the dedicated pair endured and soon Coconuts of The Caribbean stood proudly on the shelves of key retailers in Trinidad and Tobago. Supported by a dedicated customer base the brand took the market by storm and within months had exceeded their expectations. With eyes fixed on development plans for growth are always on the drawing board, particularly, to find their place in the regional and international market and create new opportunities for local farmers in the coconut industry.


Through it all the COTC brand has remained committed to providing quality products. Today, this commitment seeks to ensure sustained forward driven movement in the future as the aim to remainalways natural, always fresh.

Our vision:

To inspire and improve health and wellbeing across the Caribbean and make it accessible to all. We hope to increase organic coconut farming practices across the Caribbean Isle. 

Our Mission:

To be the Caribbean’s gold standard provider for premium organic coconut products. To promote organic coconut farming practices across the Caribbean and establish Coconuts of the Caribbean as the chosen global provider for the delivery of all essential health benefits from the coconut tree.


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