Sourcing the right coconuts

Here at Coconuts of the Caribbean, we know quality oil can only come from quality coconuts. This is why we pick all our coconuts at the perfect maturity. We also only produce virgin coconut oil from USDA organic coconuts that are not genetically modified. 

Preparing the Coconuts

After the coconuts are picked, we have to get them ready to be cold pressed. In order to do this the husk must be removed by hand. The de-husked coconut is then cracked open and the coconut jelly is grated out of the shell of coconut. The grated coconut meat is then warmed on our stainless steel warmers to get the jelly to the optimum moisture content for cold pressing. Keep in mind this warming table never crosses 115 degrees fahrenheit which is a gentle temperature that doesn't disturb the natural nutrients located inside the coconuts, making our oil a raw superfood full of health benefits. 

Cold Pressed

We keep our process simple. Which is why we use a gentle cold pressed machine that is hand operated. The grated coconut jelly is pressed directly after it is warmed, in small batches to ensure good quality control. This is the end of our process. A sustainable process that is energy efficient and powered by hand, producing a virgin, raw cold pressed coconut oil that has a subtle Caribbean flavor in every bite!


Energy efficiency matters to us! All of the coconut husks are used to heat up the warming tables. Making our process 100% energy efficient, and uses not additional energy other than this natural source.

The only bi-product from the process is the dessicated coconut that is left behind in the cold presser. We use this to prepare a coconut meal for our farm animals! This is the reason we chose the cold press- DME- Direct Micro Expelled process. Its not only energy efficient but its waste free as well!