An oil so pure it can be used in your food and on your skin!
— the coconut bible


Our Recipe for the highest quality coconut oil!

1.)Sourcing the right nuts
Here at Coconuts of the Caribbean, we know quality oil can only come from ...quality coconuts. This is why we pick all our coconuts at the perfect maturity. We also only produce virgin coconut oil from USDA organic coconuts that are not genetically modified. It is our policy to keep any chemicals or inorganic fertilizers away from trees!
2.) Preparing the Coconuts
After the coconuts are picked, we have to get them ready to be cold pressed. In order to do this the husk must be removed by hand. The de-husked coconut is then cracked open and the coconut jelly is grated out of the shell of coconut.

3.) Fair Trade
Producing a high quality oil isn't possible without high quality workers. This is why a substantial portion of profits are donated to a social development program that directly assists all of the workers directly involved in the production chain.



4.) Cold pressed
The grated coconut meat is then cold pressed. A gentle cold pressed machine is used which is hand operated and preserves all the natural benefits of the coconut meat. We do small batches to ensure good quality control. A sustainable process that is energy efficient and powered by hand, producing a virgin, raw cold pressed coconut oil that has a subtle Caribbean flavour in every bite! From the moment we crack the nut to the point where the oil is produced takes no more than two hours.
The only bi-product from the process is the dessicated coconut that is left behind in the cold presser. This left over coconut meat is then grounded to make our organic coconut flour. A zero waste process!

5.) Highest Quality Control Standards
Our process follows the HACCP Standard. HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point and is all about food safety, record keeping and traceability. This is how time after time, we only guarantee the best!