the Caribbean pastelle


Trinidad Pastelle Made with the Caribbean's Finest Virgin Coconut Oil!
Did you know you can make your pastelles with virgin coconut oil? Well we are happy to say that it is quite simple too! All you have to do is substitute the cooking oil / butter in your recipe with our virgin coconut oil! We are happy to let you know that it's absolutely delicious!
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-3 Cups grated green corn or cornmeal
-1 lb minced cooked meat (beef, chicken or soya for the vegetarians)
-2 large tomatoes
-1 tablespoon vinegar
-½ teaspoon black pepper
-3 capers or sweet pickles
-½ cup raisins
-2 medium onions
-¼ Cup virgin coconut oil
-¼ sweet pepper
-2 blades chive
-Banana leaves cut in 8" squares